Adrianna Kjeld


When you're finally PMSing, 
three days late from all the stressing.
You take a shower,
and lose your power. 

Your stomach feels like an empty cloud
you want to eat, you want to shout. 

Go and take some meds, to ease those nasty cramps ahead...


Barf instead. 

You lay down for an hour, 
trying to  regain that lost power, 
but alas more time has passed, 
the day is gone, what a blast. 


  • Louis Gibbs

    See what all we men are missing! I guess we weren't brave enough to be women this time. Good poem, Adrianna.

    • Adrianna Kjeld

      Haha, perhaps men don't have to deal with these predicaments, but some do have to be around them so there's plenty of suffering to go around. Thank you, Louis. 🙂

      • Louis Gibbs

        How true, how very true.

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      • Candlewitch

        I had a complete and total hysterectomy at age 23 due to "Pelvic Inflammatory Disease". but well do I remember... good write!

        always, Cat

        • Adrianna Kjeld

          Wow! What a thing to go through.

          Thank you! 🙂

        • Micalina

          That is great! I remember those days.
          Glad they are over for many years.

          • Adrianna Kjeld

            Awe, thank you! My time is coming soon, so it's very lovely to have seen all of your positive comments, thank you so much! Hugs

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