Relationship=broken charger. It hurt to write this


We all have that one phone charger that's broken but we refuse to throw it away.
We always say, "oh you just need to bend it a little" or, "sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't". But for some reason we won't throw it away, we keep it because we dont want to get a new one when the one we have "works". We become so complacent with our situation that we refuse to admit to ourselves that the charger takes more work to function properly than the work it would take to get a new one. Sometimes we don't have the money for another one, or we just straight up don't want a new charger. We put into our heads that as long as it works sometimes, it must mean that it's completely okay.

We tell ourselves that we can't leave our relationship because of the memories we have created with that person, or because you still love that person. We sit and argue 99% of the time we are together but we stay in our relationships for that 1% that's still good. We tell ourselves that relationships have ups and downs but we don't understand that a relationship shouldn't be a straight cliff jump, it needs to be a roller coaster, up sometimes and down sometimes. It shouldn't be a complete leap downwards. And love? I understand love, it's so betraying, because you know that you still have endless love in your heart for someone but you also know that your relationship was dead a long time ago. Staying in a broken relationship is like trying to do your makeup in a broken mirror, you can still kind of see yourself (still have love for your partner) but at the same time you can't see a damn thing.

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  • FredPeyer

    A very poignant story, and I love the last sentence where you use the metaphor of a broken mirror to describe a broken relationship. Good writing, keep it up, I for one would love to read more.

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