No Tomorrow

The final breath sucked from her desperate lungs
Leaves her face as white as bone
As she lays alone her body shocked and stunned
Her pale lips once a crimson tone
Her murky eyes once alive
Now stare blank their surface showing no reflection of the vast lake inside

Though now it is but an empty pit
Washed away by her tears of sorrow
Dragging her deeper into a cave unlit
Leading her further and further away from the morrow.

Pale moonlight streams through the trees
But it seems cold and unforgiving
As if a sudden breeze
Has closed the blinds to a chance of ever living.




  • Candlewitch


    nice to meet you. this poem speaks volumes about desperation and an uncaring world!

    *hugs, Cat

    • seeker123

      Yes it speaks the truth about the uncaring world we are trying to cover up and forget

    • malubotelho

      Delightfully sad and beautifuly written.

    • Poetic Dan

      Wow, you just put the first time I saw a family member passed way in a hospital bed in my head. Then straight after a friend that took her own life (live, learn and figure it out) was a recent one in memory of her.

      I truly thank you, from a healed soul that not enough compassion and empathy lives in the world.

      • seeker123

        Thank you for your comment very inspiring!

      • just a girl.

        I love this poem!

        • seeker123

          Thank you I love to here that! Tell me what worked in this poem so I can improve others that I am writing currently.

        • FredPeyer

          What an incredible first poem here. Thank you for sharing.
          Please don't close these blinds yet, you have a lot more inside you that has to be written down and shared.

          • seeker123

            Thank You! I do have alot of poems to share actually. I'v been saving them up I suppose, not sure if the're good enough yet. I really do love feedback so tell me what worked and what didn't in this poem, your criticism (if you have any) is what helps me improve:)

            • FredPeyer

              I promise to do so if you promise to do the same thing with mine :-)

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