Sands to my Soul

I lay here
writing on this wrinkled paper
feeling my admirations and desires disappear

Why is it
that I tell others to be strong, be one with the glorious ocean waves,
yet I sink as low on the basins floor as a rock could sit?

Why cant I
breathe in the beauty of the marvelous beaches reaching for eternity,
but instead inhale the waters in which I cry?

Yet my heart still whole,
my happiness is being crushed into tiny pieces blending with the pieces of sand
that is my soul.

So here I am
I do not know if I am seeking help, or looking for a pearl in the beautiful oyster,
but have instead gotten stuck in a seemingly unmovable clam.

I always seek beauty
in the creatures that walk the floors of this beloved earth,
but the dissolved darkness in my internal waters is what I will never see.

So here I lay
writing on this wrinkled and tear filled paper
in seek of light, in an unlit, dark, and musky ocean bay.


  • Louis Gibbs

    Your beachside analogy is quite appropriate for the fourth tomorrow. Very well done reflective poem, Amanda!

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