Bound By Love

Love burns the fog away and reveals the light of hope,


That blinds our eyes, too bright we cannot see.


It creates a battle we cannot end for love is eternity;


Love has weaved itself through our heart, too tangled we cannot free;


We search for the missing piece that ties the knot unbound


But what we seem to miss is that love is already found.


It is the essence that never ceases,


The light that never dies,


For love is unconditional.


It is a force that cannot lie.


At the core of every soul breathes unconditional love


Love is the strength that never tires;


The rhythm that still repeats;


It cannot be compared,


For every human desires,


That, that can be shared.


To hold a hand


To catch an eye


To simply be connected.


It is these moments that we know we are never truly alone, For we always have each other.




  • Poetic Dan

    Wow.. Just.. Wow
    Your writing sings to me

    I started doing this early (13)
    People would say to me
    You don't understand what your writing/saying
    They didn't understand where I'd been
    Life made me grow up fast
    With ever breath until the last
    I'll say that Wisdom is not an age
    Understanding not a number
    For we are walking proof
    Standing up for each other

    Take care

  • seeker123

    Thank you your comment makes me smile. At least someone understands.

    • Poetic Dan

      Took me twenty years to see there was always people that did, just when the fog cleared I could look back and see 😉

    • FredPeyer

      Beautiful poem. The last line says it all!

    • Tony36

      Awesome write

      • seeker123

        Thank You!

        • Tony36


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