Awakened (chapter One)

McKinsey Rose Lynn

Eight hours Earlier

   "Shut the fuck up!" Ray shouted at Paul. "I don't give a fuck if you're my stepdaughters girlfriend, I'm not letting you drag her away to get married!" Ray shouted back. I slouch futher into my chair, watching these two brawl it out. Ray may not be much of a stepfather, but I've got to give him credit he's a good man at heart. "I'm a motherfucking man! Do I have to pull down my fucking pants, and pull my dick out for you to see?!" Paul barked back. I let out a snicker. Bad idea. Paul walked over, and swang his hand hard against my cheek. "Don't you dare laugh at me again woman." Paul yelled. Tears run down my face, watching him walk back to my step dad. "Boy, you do that in the priavicy of your own home. Don't do it in my house." Ray yelled, clenching his fists. I take that back Ray is a horrible person. End of story. "So when is this so called wedding happening?" Ray asked slightly polite. "Today. At two o-clock to be exact." Paul replied. But Ray slammed his fist into his chin, before he could say anything else.  "Fuck you Ray." Pauls words slurred. "No thanks. I like pussy, but you too much of one." Ray punched back. "You're both eighteen. Too young to marry. I thought you wanted to go to college, Trina." Ray said, turning towards me. I crossed my legs under my dress, and stared at Ray blankly. I could feel my cheek burning from Pauls hand. "No wife of mine will be going to college." Paul got off of the floor, and slung me over his shoulders. I fought until we got to the truck. My stepdad was close behind us. Paul threw me into the cab, causing me to hit my head on the dashboard. I felt blood trickle down my nose. As I wiped it off, I saw Ray had a baseball bat in hand. He was smashing up Pauls truck, until Paul gunned the engine and black smoke blew out onto Ray. I laid my hands in my lap, letting my nose bleed down my face. I looked over at Paul, who's nose was also bleeding. In eight hours we'll be married. I don't even think I love him. Like Ray said. We're too young. I watched the world around me disapear, as I fell asleep. Sleep is my only escape.

  • Author: McKinsey (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 4th, 2017 11:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: Warning! Profanity is used strongly in this chapter. Leave your opinions also! Thank you!
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  • burning-embers

    Very nicely written and gripping! i wanted to keep on reading.
    Your last line temps me to tease 'ah but what of your dreams?'
    more please

    • McKinsey Rose Lynn

      Thank you! And ill be posting more chapters shortly.

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