A Write To The End (+2)

Kurt Philip Behm

A Big Wave Poem,

—it breaks off the page


And swells in your memory,

now hollow with rage


Its blank pages churning,

new sounds fill the air


Deep ink you are coursing,

as breathless you dare


Its words a tsunami,

they tumble and maul


Crushing all but the fearless,

watching consonants fall


Tightly closed up inside,

you compress for the light


And hope at the end,

you are saved in the fight


When giant verse calls,

hope and fear you befriend


Your line now committed,

—a write to the end


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2017)



Light Or Chains


Truth shows no favorites,

all lies judged the same


Freedom or prison,

—its light or its chains


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2017)




The Feast


Thoughts carried to term,

new words to instill


A message is born,

an infant of will


Its father coarse logic,

its mother the wind


Together they coupled,

a marriage within


Their family heraldic,

with pedigree firm


As libraries tremble,

and sages relearn


All time on the table,

last lie from the beast


This moment a knife,

past—future the feast


(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2017)  


  • Tony36

    Great write love it

    • Kurt Philip Behm

      Thanks, Tony.

      Have a great summer in the heartland!


      • Tony36

        You have a great summer as well

      • Stephen.Sapaugh

        This is truly a work of art. You deserve the highest praise for producing something so amazing.There is nothing you could really find that is off in this poem. You use punctuation perfectly. You show us not tell us about the subject matter that you are writing about, and lastly you use grammatical devices perfectly to convey your points. In all my life I wish that I could produce only one work that is equivalent to this, and I would think that this life was well lived. As with everyone else I invite you to review and grade my poems as well. I would greatly appreciate it. If I were to grade this poem it would get my highest rating 10/10

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