Girls' night out - AKA mob rule!!

It's Friday night

Girls' night out,

Time to cast off the usual gear

Decide what outfit looks right

For the girls' night out,

Nearly time for the off!

Just put on my 'Girls' night mask',

Check the mirror, practice the pout,

'Beep-beep' - the signal for fun to begin,

Now we're gathered in our local,

Regular HQ for our meet,

We get settled, each itching

To share our gossip, review our week,

As we sip our first drink 

We recap on events

That has caused us to laugh, scream and weep,

To analyse the causes, to drink a toast 

To life's roller coaster,

This done the conversation moves on,

We spy on the other guests of our host,

Another drink, another round, more stories to regale-

Vying for the floor as alcohol frees our lips,

We notice our neighbours- A youngish oriental girl

And a middle aged bespectacled male

(We label them Mr&Mrs Internet-Bride)

Because on a girls' night out

You're allowed to make such observations - be bitchy and snide!

They talk little as we talk more,

Another drink, another round,

'What part of your body do you like best?'

Is the question as talk becomes more lewd and loud,

This appeals to Mr & Mrs Internet-Bride, our neighbor 

As their conversation now ceases altogether,

It's obvious our topics have more to hold and savour,

We give our replies, as She takes note,

Each adding a comment or two 'My eyes', 'My hair', 'My waist,'

As Mrs Internet-Bride cranes to check the truth of each quote,

Another drink, another round, as conversation turns to the opposite sex,

'Well what attracts you to a male?'

'What do you look for in a man?'

We each take a drink, while we think of biceps, muscles and pecs,

Now our neighbour is really listening to the facts

Practically moving to sit in our lap!

As we each give our point of view

On the parts that make our hair stand at the back -

'Tall', 'Dark','Toned', 'Long hair', ' Neat bott,'

Was our response given with much ribald laughter,

Huh! Then we sit  back and sigh with disappointment 

At the irony of what we said and the reality of what we got!

A last drink, a last round, evening nearly at an end,

Much mirth has been had at others' expense,

As we entertained ourselves 

And Mr & Mrs Internet-Bride, our new silent friend,

Time for home, time for bed, in the memories I bask,

I climb the stairs smiling at things said-

Remembering jokes, bitchiness, the fun we had,

Off comes 'the girls' night' mask 

Away goes 'the girls' night' persona-

The bitch, the pout, the fancy dress,

Tomorrow it will be back to 'good old me'

The wife, the mother, the grandma, the Madonna-

Respectable- refined- principled- as I travel the day

Tutting my disapproval at modern day youth

How can they bitch and gossip like that?

Wouldn't catch my generation behaving that way!

(Well, okay, except for the girls' night out - except on a Friday!)


  • sue.evans

    Thank you😊

  • burning-embers

    I loved the way i felt u getting drunk in this. You had me with you and i've never been on a girl's night out.

  • sue.evans

    Very good- glad you enjoyed it. 😊

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