Did you ever really care?


What you do makes me cry,
But I honestly can't deny
That in my heart I truly love you
You'll always be my only dad.

You haven't quite been the father I've needed
And you haven't always told me what I want to hear
You've never really been here like you say, and you've shown me this ever single day. 

I just want to see you every day,
I just want a simple text saying you love me, and that you've been there from the start, 
I don't think you understand,
That what you've done has torn me apart.

So for now I'll just sit here and wait,
For the day that you grow up
And realize that you've hurt
Not only me, but also your family. 

You've let this women pretend to be my mother
For so very long I let you.
But now that I'm older
I understand more and I can't accept that.

I cannot turn to you for what I need,
I don't know if you'd ever give it to me.
I just want to know, Did you ever really care?

  • Author: lost-but-not-broken17 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 5th, 2017 15:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: My dad was my best friend... And now I want absolutely nothing to do with him...
  • Category: Reflection
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  • burning-embers

    One day i had a phone call from my brother, my big brother. We had grown apart and i wont say why here. We had not spoken for 18 years. He told me he was dieing of cancer.

    • lost-but-not-broken17

      See the thing is I can't get anything I need done for mine because he wants to be a prick so if I die it's on him I guess...

    • Poetic Dan

      Powerful, you are so strong. This is so hard to read, when I miss my girl every day, but there's one thing to maybe look forward to is braking that cycle.
      As I know what you feel and would never let mine feel the same, as I did when I realised the same.

      • lost-but-not-broken17

        I swear on my life that my kids will never feel the way I do

        • Poetic Dan

          I shouted that to the universe when on the streets at 14, everyone always tells me how they can see how much my kids love me.
          I actually post my last card from her (jorja) 😉

          Hope life is yours now and you have all the power!

        • Stephen.Sapaugh

          Keep writing your emotions and thoughts in poems. Its a therapeutic practice that will help you in days to come. Due to the subject matter of this poem, and your profile I won't write a critique. However, I would like to say that I am proud that you can put pen to paper in these trying times that you seem to be having. In everything even though you want nothing to do with your Dad right now I am sure that relationship will be rekindled at some point. Relationships are hard regardless of who is in them, and you being at the budding of the beginning of your life I'm sure have maybe a touch of wanderlust. Most of us go through a period where we just want to get away from our parents, and pave our own path. But, at some point we look back, and just want to hang out with our parents even if they weren't the best when we were growing up. I came from a similar situation and understand what your going through. But there is a light in the end of the tunnel, and even though we get hurt we learn to forgive. And accept our family as they are instead of how we want them to be.

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