Perplexionary Ode

Nicholas Browning

Oft' whichever canvas interned sole ambition,

Neverthemore disregarded abruptly;

Beckoned, implore aforesaid:

In placement of whom's order doth frown upon its consent?


Stenchly ghast, possess chrysanthemum,

Beseeched while, biding topography.

Forlorn variation, rare indeed,

One prologuing multiples shingling all beneath:

Reprimanded inevitably cursed edifice shall seldom keep.


Effervescent stillness.

Halt, adeptly welled.

Wretched assertion: murky disposition.

Scythed, segregated;

Bile across vexed sand.

Interpret reckoning swiftly, naught endured.

Falter lively, xylidinize!

Plummeted symphonization farewells plagued souls nye, revitalized.


Determined, turn exhausted:

It was never peaceful.

Mold pillars, crush stone.

Victimize phantasms, abolish civilisation.

Slumber dearest pupils soared throughout defiant undertone,

Concocted ideals forged in avarice,

Shall not be seated with a throne.


Wanderer, humble.

Prosperous divination, malformed benediction!

Gravely enigmatic, discontent blossoms.

Inanition suffices, meaning given name:

Nothing is everything,

"Within my macrocosm."


Agonizing violation, betwixt false volition.

Edges shaved, frozen ends.

Transformed, breached.

The words.

Universally unaccepted, remembrance due nostalgia;

Simplistic mineral, outweighed by sparkling fold.


Towards protection of such caliber the reciprocation,

Is no.


Hibernating dearly fallen vessels.

Hexagons, cylinders, cradle euphoria:

Easygoing, picturesque.

Emotions are a charade;

The picture grows on rotten stems as all of our lights,


  • Author: Nicholas Browning (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 5th, 2017 16:45
  • Category: Spiritual
  • Views: 51


  • Stephen.Sapaugh

    So, this poem reminds me a lot of Gertrude Stine. It is poetry that drives me mad. This is actually a good thing in it's own right. You are playing with words, and in this you make some beautiful phrases. Your whole goal is to perplex me, and you accomplished it.This poem is quite perplexing. I personally hate and love it at the same time. I have little more to say about it, and due to the fact that you accomplished your seemingly audacious goal I give you the highest score possible 10/10. Good job on stumping me with this deliciously perplexing poem.

    • Nicholas Browning

      Thank you very much sir.

      • kevin browne

        dick head of all poetry dickheads. not that any are on MPS, except YOU and your SELF-ABSORBED. NOT WELCOME.

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      • Heather T

        Welcome, Nicholas. I enjoyed your unhinged language. Bewildering work that fills the mouth and had all my synapses firing.

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