The curency of dreams


I would like to be able to buy you the dreams you had dreamed of for so  long                                         
But I do not know the currency they are sold in.     
I have never been in the country of your dreams                                       
Because my passport is not accepted beyond the borders of reality.
I've tried  fake passports and funny enough nobody seems to check
if my soul was attached to those unfamiliar pictures of another me'
so i was flying different planes to unknown destinations
hoping that soon enough i will get inside your head so i could steal one of you dreams
and sell it on the black market

but each moment I got above the ground , above the clouds,
your dreams became my nightmares.   
I'm afraid of flying on man made machines
just because they would only take me to physical places.
And  sadly enough they would never take me to the land of your dreams.
Are your dreams wishes?  Are your wishes dreams?
I remember you once asked me to be real and then I got lost in your smile! 
That moment in time it wasn't just a moment
it was another dream !!!

The dream that I've stole
A dream for a dream...

  • Author: roudan (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 5th, 2017 17:20
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  • Poetic Dan

    Wow. I think I'll be reading a few times even to complexed to say all that in my mind.
    Fantastic work

    • roudan

      Thank you for the lovely comment!

    • burning-embers

      Two magnificent pieces of work come to mind 1) Cliff Richard singing Theme for a dream 2) hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon.

      • roudan

        Thank you for your imagination!

      • Stephen.Sapaugh

        I am so glad that you are writing poetry! It is really great that you put pen to paper. The only two things that I can say about this poem is that I know you worked really hard on it, and that you did a good job. Also there is one grammatical error in the line
        I remember you once ask me to be real and then I got lost in your smile

        It should read I think
        I remember you once askED me to be real and then I got lost in your smile.
        Other than that keep up the great work and keep writing!

        • kevin browne

          a great poem with an just as great a comment made about it. well done poet x

          • roudan

            Thank you for reading it and thank you for commenting and pointing that mistake out. I took notice and corrected it. 🙂

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