Confused kid

Berserkers Of Pome

There is a story everyone in a certain small community knows
A group of people you should never for any reason offend
An area smart to avoid, roads only the very foolish pass
Don't go to investigate, no matter the level of your curiosity

The government for some reason turns a complete blind eye
They act like the incidents never happened like they didn't receive the reports
Its now culture, the way we know to live. So take it seriously
Unless you want to join the long list of causalties

They say once they mark you, you are as good as dead
No escape, they can attack even in your dreams
Running won't work, begging won't work
Just wear your best suit and accept a gruesome death

There will be loud screams but no body
You will scream in horrifying anguish but receive no help
With your hand and blood, you shall write a long note
On a piece of your skin, to warn others to never make your mistake

That shall be the last evidence of your existence
In a small community everyone knows never to offend
A place called Pome, where the Berserker tribe dwell
Once you cross them, no matter your status be ready for hell


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