just a girl.

When I'm low

She grabs her blade,

she presses it against her wrist.

Her numbness starts to fade,

she thinks about his kiss.

She stops.

She thinks about how he would react if he found out.

That didn't stop her from still going.

She presses the blade harder,

she smiles and laughs,

but part of her knows it's wrong.

Cutting is an addiction that is worth the extra mile,

its as addicting as getting high, 

it relives her inside pain for the night.

Its as satisfying as taking off tight clothes,

it makes her feel better when she's low.





  • lostgirl24

    This is a wonderful poem! I admire your confidence; you go girl!

  • burning-embers

    Passion, deceit, anticipation, guilt, exhilaration, all there crafted into a dark read. Thrilling. Can you do scary voice too?

  • FredPeyer

    I do like your poems, the way they are written, your images (...as satisfying as taking off tight clothes...), but have to say that I don't know anything about "cutting". Guess have to check it out on Wikipedia.

  • kevin browne


    • just a girl.

      Toy story- You've got a friend in me?

      • kevin browne

        don't you just love the sentiment and the film of course? you write such emotional poetry it turns GREAT x

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