Here is for you a questionnaire
Are you sure you don't like it there
Do you have extra time in your life to spare
Did someone give you a triple dog dare
Are you addicted to the feeling of the scare
Do you like looking into the eye of a judges glare
Is government issued clothes what you like to wear
Is it the shoes you miss and want a new pair
Are you anxious to see whos cell you'll share
Havnt you heard all the loud Puerto Ricans one can bear
Will you stand in front of the mirror and take a long stare
Do you know what it is you want in life & for what you have most care
Have you ever imagined having me as a partner or us as a pair
Would  you mind if I took some responsibility in the turning grey of your hair
Wouldn't it be more fun than all you got being in there
Will you let me be your shoulder to lean on as I  lend a hand to share
Can I be the one to support you as its  freedom you declare
How many before you have paid the exact fare
Reckon they are at home now kicked back in an armchair
When faced with temptation can you give it an upstare
Will you turn to Matthew 6:9-13 and read the lords prayer
Will you gather your armies to prepare for warfare
Do you think you are playing a game of solitaire
Why don't you call in for support from your division of panzer
Will you try to not leave all who love you in despair
Will you turn off the road that leads things to err
Can you clearly just say no as you forswear
Wont you say it with gentlemanly charm so debonair
Is it your wittiful intention my senses to impair
Do you see the love i have for you is truly rare
Can I walk beside you to  "The sky is the limit" that's where
Here is for you a questionnaire



  • Nicholas Browning

    This is brilliant! The straight A rhyming style is fantastic. Use of secondary rhymes is amazing, and you use very rare and seldom seen words. "Err" was a wonderful choice and it surprised me. Good job.

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