Thundering Beauty

A seemingly endless void of a light, smooth blue
a reflection of the flowing waters below.
Every turning cloud seemingly new,
reminding me of hills of shining winter snow.

A home for creatures with the most majestic of wings,
being one with the never-ending sky.
The wind whistles and the thunder sings,
followed by bright rainbows sitting on the clouds in which they lie.

A beaming sun, affecting seemingly everything we do,
affecting the decision of “should I stay inside, or rather go in the pool?”
But the clouds have a large impact too,
turning from a bright glistening white into a dark block, visible to even a fool!

The sky as beautiful as the afterlife paradise,
yet some lack to understand.
Its what lies deep below the surface and what deceives a humans eyes,
that makes the earths floor such a extravagant land.


  • seeker123

    Beautiful! I can picture every word in your poem. I also have a problem about only writing depressing poems trying to work on it:) Good Job

  • lostgirl24

    So pretty!! I can easily visualize this and it's very well written!

  • Candlewitch

    the imagery, and the emotion behind it, are fantastic! your poem lifted me up from my gloom 🙂 thank you!

    *hugs, Cat

  • Cyprian Van Dyke

    Beautiful poem! Loved the imagery. It was the title that caught my attention at first, very creative!

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write ith great imagery.

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