Awakened (chapter three)

McKinsey Rose Lynn

Chapter Three

As I walked into the church, everyone turned their heads towards us. To my relief they were normal. Maya Witfeild, my best friend ran up to me with a worried face. "My God Trina! What happened to your nose?! And why is your dress caked with your blood?" Her voice was scratchy. "Him again?" She said softer. I nodded. "Come with me." She said, grabbing my hand and leading me through a hallway. Inside the bathroom, Maya helped me clean my face, and some of the stain on my dress. "What happened this time?" She asked softly rubbing the fabric. "We went to go tell Ray about the wedding, it didn't go so well." My face dropped. Maya just nodded, and sat the rag down on the sink. "Are you sure you wanna go threw with this? I mean, we're eighteen. They'll be a lot more guys. More decent guys, I don't know like Chad Richards." Maya said peeking out the door of the restroom. I sighed. Maya has been trying to set me up with Chad since freshman year. But every time I came close to saying yes to him, Paul and I made up and got back together again. Paul, is like an old blanket. You hate it, but you can't live without it. I took a deep breath, maybe my plan will work. "I've got a plan. But I'm worried it's gonna go completely wrong." I whispered. “What's your plan?” Maya asked, still peeking out the door. I opened my mouth to speak, but it slammed shut. If I tell her, there's a chance she’ll tell Paul's sister. And his sister will tell Paul, and I don’t need that. “By the way. Did you know Chad was coming to the wedding?” Maya hesitated as she spoke. I shoved her out of the way, and stuck my head out the bathroom door. There he was, wearing jeans a t-shirt. Looking hot as always. “Shit!” I spit out. I shoved opened the door, and walked back into the chapel. I was walking towards Chad, when I felt a hand grip tight around my shoulder. I turned and saw Paul, his face was blank. “An airplane ticket to Tokyo?! You were gonna leave me to go to a damn art school overseas?!” He growled, he tightened his grip around my shoulder. All the heads turned towards us. I gave Chad a worrisome look. I chewed on my lower lip, how did he find out? I hid the plane ticket at Rays. Fuck! Ray you ignorant bastard, you were going through my things and found it didn’t you?! “Fuck me.” I whispered. “What was that, you mumbled? ‘Fuck you’? You want me to fuck you right here in front of these people?! Would that show I care about you enough to fucking marry you, and to want to spend my life with you?. Fine your wish will come true.” Paul pushed me onto the ground, and sat on my back where I couldn’t move. I heard him unzip his pants, and the tearing of my dress. Tears ran down my cheeks. No one would help stop him, not even Maya. “Ah come on babe, you know you crying gets me off faster. So stop you fucking crying already! No one's gonna help you sweetheart, my daddy owns half of this Godforsaken town. And since he’s on bed rest, dying a slow death you know who gets this town? Me.” He said pulling down my panties. More and more tears ran down my face. I looked up, and saw that Chad was no longer there. After ramming into my ass a third time, I heard a loud smack. And realize Paul was no longer straddling me. I turned over onto my back, and saw Paul laying there on the white floor. Blood coming from his head. He slowly got up, and onto his feet. He pulled up his pants, and zipped them up. Hovering above me, Chad offered me a hand. “Chad behind you!” I yelped. But not in time, Paul attacked Chad. Punching him repeatedly, I screamed. Blood poured out of Chad’s mouth. Paul's punching slowed down, and Chad didn’t move. I covered my mouth with my hands, clasping tightly. Screaming, as tears rolled down my hands. He’s dead. He’s not moving. Paul’s chest heaved up and down, as he stood up catching his breath. I watched as Paul turned to the preacher. “Get on with it father, we have some place to be.” He barked. “Dearly beloved, we stand here today to join these to in holy matrimony…” Paul cut in. “Skip the chit chat father. We’re all going to hell any way, just get on with it.” The preacher's lips quivered. “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The preacher ended. Paul walked over to me, Chad’s blood smeared on his clothes. I looked him in the eyes. He had no regret. No remorse of what he’s done. He removed my hands, and kissed my lips. I move away quickly. “Congratulations.” The preacher quivered once more. Tears ran down my face, as I stared at the guests. Some were crying. Others frozen in time. I sighed. I hate my life. I’m glad my mother did not survive long enough to see this. Paul hauled me over his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. “The people who are riding with us to go to the bar, come on.” Paul growled. Maya, and a couple of our other friends followed behind us. We all stuffed into the small truck, and silence over ridden us. Paul gunned the engine, and took off down the road. “How did you find out about the ticket.” I grumbled. “Ray was packing your stuff, he found it in a tampax box. And he showed me at the chapel, he thought I had a change of heart. An congratulated me. I told him to go on home, and I went to find you.” He spit. I didn’t reply. Paul’s lead foot, spiked the odometer towards 90 mph. Maya and the others held screamed. “You think you can leave me? You think you can escape, like I am a prison? That’s where you’re wrong.” Paul pressed harder onto the gas pedal. He turned towards me, not watching the road. “So Trina. What will it be? Me? You and our friends lives? Or art school? It's a pretty easy choice. Is it not?” Paul yelled over the revving of the engine. I opened my mouth, and grabbed onto the dashboard. My eyes widened, watching as a semi truck jackknifes in the middle of the bridge. Paul slams his foot onto the brake, pumping it. “Shit! Shit!” He yelled. We were about two hundred feet away from the trailer, going 95 mph. “Don’t tell me you forgot to fix the brakes dear?!” I screamed sarcastically. “Fuck!!!!!” He screeched. Both of his feet planted onto the pedals. I ducked, and Paul swerved the truck into the guardrail. The truck ripped through the metal like a can of vegetables. Hitting the water, you can hear the glass shattering. Everyone screaming. My head slammed against the dashboard. My mouth opened, swallowing the water, burning my lungs. I had no fight left. I let it all go black.

  • Author: McKinsey (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 7th, 2017 00:01
  • Comment from author about the poem: Has lots of profanity and violence. Pleas leave your opinions thank you.
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  • niallprideaux

    Dark and thrilling! There's one or two spelling mistakes but overall gripped me from the start - and I'm not a big reader 🙂 x

    • McKinsey Rose Lynn

      Thank you! Will fix the spelling mistakes! Thank you for pointing that out. 😀

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