P.X. Vexxus


The abyss within the sky burns with streams of lightning

The rain falls, soaked in blood, a shining crimson

The wind howls raging with the roaring thunder

One man stands alone, at its flaming center


Tears of misery stream down her broken face

A storm so beautiful, falling out of place

She wields steel, dripping and tainted

She has raw power, he has come to claim it


He stands within her violent wrath

Tornadoes tearing at him, into his past

She suffers before him, crying in agony

Tortured by his memories, by her own misery


She controls the storm with her emotions

He seeks destruction, pain and ruin

She stands before him, a goddess of nature

He stands a man, who fights for his desire


They clash, they shatter, they break

Their dance brings them together, blade to blade

Their steel reverberates with a sound of piercing light

Their fight breathes life into the dark of the night


Their battle is over, but it never ends

Their emotions clash, but never bends

A thousand years of crying, fighting, infinite misery

For she is the thunder and he is the lightning


  • Nicholas Browning

    A wonderful story told about natural phenomena. The personification in this is utterly insane. Cool stuff.

  • Louis Gibbs

    Wow! The power of the storm comes through this fine poem, P.X. ... Well done!

  • Bibbeck

    Beautiful for something titled 'Misery'. The second and third verses I can just read again and again, and enjoy. Thank-you for sharing such a great write.

  • P.X. Vexxus

    This poem is one of my personal favorites, along with "Heartless", "Ignorance", "Gazing at the Stars" and "Decay" (From my older writes). It's kind of weird to have favorites of your own work, I think, but I've read all of my poems so many times, and these are the few that never get old for me. Thanks everyone for reading. Please be sure to listen to the (new) soundcloud audio that goes along with my poems now! :)

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