Girls Like Me

I loved you
I loved you so much it hurt

And now I'm left
With this empty feeling in my chest
The heaviness in my stomach
The tears that come back
Just when I've convinced myself
I'll be fine

You used me
Just like everyone else

Stupid me
For believing you were different
For believing
Maybe this time
I would get my happily ever after

I'm just a whore
All I'm good for
Is an easy fuck
Used and discarded

He said
"Maybe if you weren't so easy
You wouldn't get hurt."
I didn't think
Of all people
Would prove him right.

They all said
That I was a whore
And I refused
I'm more than that


Girls like me
Are easy.

Girls like me
Don't get raped.

"You just went home with him.
You're so dirty.
You got raped?
That's honestly
The funniest thing I've heard.
What a slut."

Girls like me
Asked for it.

Girls like me,

We're just whores.

And guys like you?
They don't fall in love with girls like me.

Because girls like me,
We don't get happy endings.

Happy endings are for good girls...


  • FredPeyer

    You really captured the emotions, the longing and the sadness in your poem. So well written! Please keep on writing.

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