Gary Edward Geraci

My name is on a list

Just 19 years old my
Waves of self-discovery
Unfolding passions screaming
My army buddies goading
The grimy yellow taxicab
Taking us far from post
Neighborhood after neighborhood
Each one dirtier and dirtier
The excitement building
New liberties on the horizon
Now after dark our ride stopped
"This is your stop I'll be waiting"
No turning back now I went inside
"Sign my list" she commanded me
I barely knew what to do
And it was over just like that
"You are my first" I told her
"There will be many more" she said
The man waiting outside
Face cast down took us home
Being that her list was long
I washed and I washed and I washed
But never really got the stain out

- Gary Edward Geraci


  • Louis Gibbs

    Fine poem/prose, Gary. I love the exchange, "You are my first" ... "There will be many more". Well done!

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      More prose than poem but it's what I'm seeing being labeled as poetry in he daily "poem-a-day" email (courtesy the fine folks at I thought I'd give this form a try. Thank you for your read and comment LG.

    • Candlewitch


      a fine confessional poem this is. don't be too hard on were young. I agree, it is sad.

      *hugs, Cat

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Some things are better left to the realm of the "mysterious and unknown" Candlewitch. Thank you for your read and comment!

      • Heather T

        Those encounters take a little piece of us with them. Makes me wonder what became of her.

        "I washed and I washed and I washed
        But never really got the stain out"

        I'm sure this resonates with many. It resonates with me. Fine prose, sir.

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          Graceful of you to read and comment HeatherT. Your feminine beauty shines in your compassion for the poor woman involved whereas I can hear many a guy only wondering about what happened to the list. Thanks again for your time and write up.

        • Confused kid

          Cool piece, would love to see a follow up piece

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          Thanks CK for your read and comment. Heather T, in her comment above, presents a potential avenue for a follow up piece: the plight of the woman who found herself employed in such a degrading situation. Did she suffer ill health effects, did she get pregnant, did she have to undergo abortions, did she marry? There are definitely two sides to this story.

        • onepauly

          I'm glad my name is not on a list like that.

          62 year old virgin

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          I celebrate your chastity my friend! Thank you for your read and your comment.

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