Heather T

of edgeless storms

the storm was always waiting

in steel bruise colors hanging

on the cusp of July

obscuring the lines between

the horizon

and I

didn't smell the coming rain

but rather cast her shadows

on my tongue like dreams

of drowning gulping grief

on it's knees inhaling copper

swallowed bleeding heavy

lead like in my chest

for the shallow love of lungs

we could never grow the gills

always inhaling doubt and flailing

this wretched oxygen

and I

needed breath beneath the flood

they made mockeries of our thunder

shaking stones from our foundation

cut us up in pieces with her

ribbons of jagged light

whose burning wire would rend

the skies separate into schisms

unmendable lies of memories

beaten by her stoning stars

until I could not remember

what stars were ever good for

when our tidal waves collide

smudge the edges of you

and I

swore by July colors hanging

on the corners of your eyelids

never smelled the coming rain

and you already lashing

at the surface leaves for air

too aching late for bones that whimper

of the storms that simmer there

where we are edgeless water

kicking feet at lightning

I always hoped that I could float

enough for you

and I



  • Godisreal

    I get you..i think..keep it coming

    • Heather T

      I think you do. And...I could sop that baby up with a biscuit. How CUTE.

    • Candlewitch

      dear Heather,

      there is so much more here, than the surface shows..such depth of emotion! I love this piece...I feel it in my soul!

      *hugs, Cat

      • Heather T

        Thank you for reading, dear Cat. It's sort of a monster, but so was the storm.

      • FredPeyer

        If this is "playing around a bit.." I cannot wait to see what will happen when you get serious!
        Love the right/left combination, love the poem, and as usual, your writing is superb.

        • Heather T

          Thank you, dear Fred. It looked alright on my PC, but not so sure on mobile, lol. I'm glad you saw more than a big mouth full. I think tomorrow I'll go short.

        • Confused kid

          Really deep poem, a lovely read

          • Heather T

            Thank you for plumbing the depths, CK. I appreciate you.

          • Nicholas Browning

            Now you listen to me, and you listen good! This is marvelous! The repetition, the repeated use of certain words. "You and I" adds such a wonderful touch to each line that sits beside it. You've outdone yourself, bravo!

            • Heather T

              Aw, gosh. I really do appreciate it, Nicholas. I had hoped that it read right, and with your comments I will consider it a success. Your "bravo" smiled my day 😊

            • Augustus

              "Grow gills", "wretched oxygen", pretty cool "playing around"

            • Augustus

              "Grow gills", "wretched oxygen", pretty cool "playing around"

              • Heather T

                Howy cwap! I weft out the w, Augustus. Thank you for the pretty cool. Shnikey, where was spellchecker when I needed it.

              • onepauly

                my birthday is in july.

                • Heather T

                  Happy early or late born on date, dear!

                • Cyprian Van Dyke

                  I loved the imagery and poetic depth, as well as the story! It was an adventure to read. It made me think of the words of Rumi,

                  "Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it." Amazing write, your poem is! Tyfs!

                  • Heather T

                    Aah Rumi...I had a poet friend that passed on that was a tremendous Rumi fan. His name was Ali Khaghani. Thank you for your kind review.

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