Black is Beautiful.

Black is Beautiful.
Black or Blue ?
Choose your side wisely now.
Be the shooter or the one getting shot at.
Either be dressed in blue or painted in black.
The only difference is, if you chose blue, you can take it off.
You can take off the badge, which is gold.
You can take off the uniform, which is blue.
And you can pull out the gun, which is black.
Now with black it's not that simple.
If you are black, you are painted in excellence.
You are dripping with integrity. You are enriched with intelligence.
You can not take off the black.
Whatever color you come in that isn't pure white, you're a threat.
You're seen as someone who is weak and incapable of speaking for themselves.
You are known as a slave. Your history is known as being caged and tamed by a man lighter
Than you, but that was back then. Way back then.
We may not be in chains but we're still not free. We are not equal.
Quite frankly no one is equal to the superior white man or women.
You see a muslim in the airport and fear for your safety.
You see a turban and think terrorist.
You see naps and an afro and think ghetto.
But why ?
Why is it that a black man gets shot at for complying with an officer ?
“Hands up”
But before they could put their hands up gun fires.
Not once, but twice, not twice but three times and three more times after that
Just to make sure that the black mans life you selflessly took, is over.
Why is it that there are recordings and video tapes of these killings taking place
But no conviction is being set ?
What more do you need ?
What more needs to be done ?
Race is not equal. Race has never been equal.
Black is beautiful. If you are painted black, wear your color
Like a queen wears a crown.
Flaunt your color like the white people flaunt their privileges.
Embrace your color.
Love your color.
Because no one can take your color from you.



  • onepauly

    they pushed around the red man as well. I'm ashamed of my color.

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