I wake up, ready to die
But every night, I fall asleep wanting to stay alive.
On this depression, my soul does not thrive.
With this expression, I hope to revive.

I have beauty all around me
Every animal, person and tree
so why do I feel this degree?
I know it is not forever, only a small life fee.

I have had to make sacrifices 
To rid all of my bad vices
This illusion is not real
So I can not bend during this crisis.

One day I'll make you proud
Not here to see it, but your presence is loud
You keep me driven, you keep me humble
So I know one day, I'll wake up and this depression will crumble.


  • The Broken Vessel

    The World is better because you're here..Keep talking someone needs to hear you..

    • Trev

      Thank you, I really appreciate that.

    • kevin browne

      I hope it does for you my friend. depression is a difficult one to deal with and is very difficult to express. you, on the other hand have done it with grace. well done.

      • Trev

        I know depression effects everyone, and everyone deals with it differently. I view this as my way to get it out, and it is the only thing that truly helps. So I really appreciate that, Thank you.

        • kevin browne

          then keep on posting my friend, we here on MPS are here to read, learn, listen and help in any way we can. it's a beautiful thing so make the most of it. I loved your poem by the way.

        • Candlewitch

          hello and welcome,

          it is nice to meet you. you have so very much to offer this site and the world at large. a beautiful poem full of hope!

          *hugs, Cat

          • Trev

            Nice to meet you as well, thanks for the welcome!

          • Louis Gibbs

            Much wisdom expressed in this fine poem, Trev! Thanks for posting.

          • onepauly

            you'll find a way out. you've already started.

          • Heather T

            Honest and hopeful spill. Welcome! Writing is therapy.

            • Trev

              It really is. It has helped me more than drugs or alcohol, I can tell you that. But thank you!

            • Moonflower15

              Depression is such a heavy burden, that twists and distorts your thoughts and emotions. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

              • Trev

                It is very difficult, and it's a burden to everyone. It's just finding a way to relieve it. Thank you, I appreciate it

              • MaddieJ

                "This illusion is not real, So I have to bend during this crisis." This part of your poem really spoke to me. I am constantly reminding myself as I struggle with depression that it isn't real if I don't let it get me down. I am on my way to enlightenment. I see that through expression, you are too! Great poem! Very real. Welcome to the site!

                • Trev

                  Thank you, I really appreciate that. I've just struggled with it for so long, writing is the only way I can get out. I know depression is everyone's burden. My goal is to write what people can relate to lol. So I'm glad I did that.

                  • MaddieJ

                    Yes well done!

                  • LIGHT WARRIOR

                    Wow...Very moving and emotions well expressed....I sure hope that you are feeling lighter and happier today....keep writing have talent

                    • Trev

                      Thank you man, I appreciate that. I write this stuff from a point of view that I've always had, and how I feel about it. It does make me feel a lot better to write it, and that's what I hope to make a career out of. So thank you again.

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