My name is depression, cant you tell?



I take your thoughts and distort

The ones you love, with no report

I lurk in your mind like a distasteful smell

My name is depression can’t you tell


Im inside your soul every single day

Eating away your mind, in every single way

You’re like my ship, and ready to sink

 I take what’s yours so you can no longer think


I may be around for quite some time

My battles already won with my hidden crime

You may one day escape my hold

But unknowing to you, your already sold


 you know me by now, my name is depression

I will destroy your life with no detection

I will linger around for many years

Consuming your life with your darkest fears


  • Nicholas Browning

    Depression is the greatest and most well known fabrication of an emotion known as "Fear." Fear makes you believe that you're depressed, because you're too afraid to see the light. Cheers mate, keep writing.

  • S.louise

    Well done. Another great read about such a personal subject. Just know people are always there for you. 🙂

  • Moonflower15

    I love this. Great imagery. I have felt these feeling so many times

  • Louis Gibbs

    Depression from loss, not fear, Is just as devastating. Whatever the cause, it can be life-destroying as your fine poem illustrates. Thank you for sharing this spotlight on the subject, R.A.

  • onepauly

    just want to say I am familier with depression. it is no joke others know how you feel. you have my word.

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