Stretching fingers across the blue

Reaching, searching for an end 

You never find as you travel the skies,

Never sleeping, always moving, journey never done,

Drifting shadows across the sun

Like the drifting thoughts that cloud my mind,

Sailing the seas up above

Pushed and pulled by the tides of heaven,

Ghostly outlines, silently passing

Bestowing their blessing on the land,

Bringing gifts to some, cruelty to others,

Rain for the farmers, drought for his fellow man,

Shape shifting - stirring the imagination-

Whales swimming, fishes flying, dragons breathing fire,

Bright and breezy at sunrise in the east

Iridescent, shimmering at sunset in the west,

A witches coven brewing, dressed in black,

Temper tantrums thundering on the air way

The population of Earth's ceiling at play.


  • FredPeyer

    Sue, you have given me a whole new way of looking at clouds. Love that last line!
    Beautiful poem, well written.

    • sue.evans

      Thank you 😊

    • Louis Gibbs

      You portray well one of my very favorite features of nature in this fine poem, sue. Thanks for sharing!

    • sue.evans

      You are welcome 😊

    • Nicholas Browning

      This is wonderfully descriptive. I strive to be a poet capable of such imagery. Well done, and thanks for this!

      • sue.evans

        You may like to read my poem 'Tears' and 'Opus of Love' they too try to use imagery - not saying successfully but I rather like them for the imagery.

        • Nicholas Browning

          A poets pride in his literature is not a bad thing. I'll give them a read! Give some of mine a go too, if you don't mind.

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        • sue.evans

          Thank you for the compliment 😊

        • onepauly

          what a wonderful poem. this makes me glad to be alive!

        • sue.evans

          What a lovely response - thank you.

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