Poetic Dan

Shadow of yourself

You've been a shadow of yourself for far too long, to the point you're now just a silhouette of who you once was.

Still the master controls your strings, making you feel that there's no way to escape. Even if the possibility arises, what strengths are left for you to give and stand by it.

You sit and wait for when the better is good, not seeing that on the other side of this there is so much more than better or good.

This happens to us all, when we can't see the trees through the leaves. No one can make us see what we don't know or unable to admit, only time will tell if you can ever get to it.

It's impossible to protect you from what you're still doing to your self, but now I think I've learned that's not what my job entails.

It's to be ready for when you find the strength from within, not to hold you accountable for the past, as it should stay where it is. My job is to help put back the colour that you have lost, so you can get out those beautiful wings that I know you still have.

I've been talking with you in my head for as long as I can remember, wishing that things would just get better. As I so deeply miss the mum I try to remember, maybe that's how it will stay for now and ever.

The hope I have is you'll find your way with a map that I drew, with a true understanding for a new beginning for you.

From your youngest child now all grown up, with the mileage under his belt to show forgiveness and love.


  • burning-embers

    Well written and well done for writing it. Its a theraputic outlet for me i know and often when really moved the words just fall out of my fingertips. I can tell this was a heartfelt outpouring from you and a noble plea. Good one.

    • Poetic Dan

      Thank you, very true thanks for reading my plea.

    • sjc513

      This is so relatable and your forgiveness is so beautiful it touched me because I still have days where I’m still so angry and hope one day it will go away for her and myself.

      • Poetic Dan

        Really appreciate you taking the time to read this.
        Sadly mine is a case where I may of solved that part but it still has an affect around other people's family lives. It is like no matter how nice people are, I always feel I'm on the outside. It's not easy living this life but the ones that stick by us know its worth while.

        Wow I really needed that, you're awesome

        • sjc513

          You too Dan thanks for showing me I know how you feel.

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