Kaden Hudson


What is normal? 


Normal is the thing that keeps great minds at bay

locked in their room day after day 

while the family tries to pray the gay away.


Normal is the gun in the hand of the child 

executing their ability to be great one day.


Normal is the tears that run down the face 

of the person stuck in a null place

they just want to embrace the feelings that they face

but they are too afraid of becoming the family disgrace.


Normal is something that people chase. 

Normal is something we need to outface.




  • burning-embers

    Smiled at your line 'pray the gay away'. Normal nowdays is being whatever u are so long as its legal. Society has always found something to take offence at or class at not normal be it women in trousers or wotever. People have had to stand up and fight for recognition of their right to be. This may be your fight, stand and be counted i say.

  • Nicholas Browning

    I personally don't like today's definition of "Normal". Normal has become what the majority deems it, and it's not a good thing. However, being "normal" in a sense that means your ordinary, is fine. Nothing wrong with it. Good work.

  • FredPeyer

    Welcome to the site Kaden.
    Your well written poem nicely touches on an old question: What is normal? If even the dictionary lists eight definitions, it is not easy, but you made a good start.
    Would like to read more from you.

  • Migithehp

    i loved it
    especially the afraid of becoming the family's disgrace
    this poem reaches me on so many levels
    no im not gay but i know all about the want to be original, true to yourself and the judgement that comes with it.
    i get it all the time
    why do you dye/cut your hair like that
    you look like a dyke
    you are going to hell for those tattoos and piercings why cant you be normal
    maybe i dont wanna be
    dear tell those people who hold you back to go f*ck themselves (sorry for the potty mouth) just be your wonderful self its way more rewarding

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