people never change

How it started?

It was me, I’m kind hearted

Even as everyone left

I didn’t give up and people I impressed


There are things beyond imagination that I see

I just let my creativity run free

once you’ve seen the things I’ve seen

well you’d be lucky to not go mad and scream


as a person my feelings are haunted

for my past is not one I wanted

I wouldn’t change it though

Its what made me as a person grow


They’ll never see the world through your eyes

So Just nod and pass them with a smile

I got told You cant save them all

I watch As I can see they’ll fall


But I tried!

And they lied..

They ignored my words

I guess Why listen to the girl who’s a nerd


Yeah so I’m unique

I got called a freak

Mocked and bullied for being different

I just told myself you’s were ignorant


I warned everyone and tried to help

Now they all beg cry and whelp

As they need me and see they were wrong

But I’m still here to help along


Its only in there hour of need

Will they look back and realise there greed

As I help them and they still don’t see

Will anyone ever see what I see?


I’ve tried to show people the deeper meanings

That were all just human beings

I try to show them wrong to right

But they just don’t have my sight


 I tried to help them from examples of me

Will anyone ever see what I see?


  • FredPeyer

    Mocuisle, this is a very insightful well written poem. And no, they will never see what you see! Some people are just too nice and taken advantage of. But don't change, keep on being nice, because if you change you will not like yourself anymore. Just don't expect anything in return, then you do not get disappointed.

    • mocuisle

      I've gathered but thank you

    • Nicholas Browning


      • mocuisle

        thank you

      • malubotelho

        Nice writing and thoughts.

        • mocuisle

          thank you

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