For The Master

I reticulate off
the interception
Ip Man philosophy
telekinetic fluidity
of your lethargic movement
my wave of translucent
counter groove,

I'll rewrite the doctrine
of your esoteric stratagem
wing chun ecliptic prism
mambo within your
relic of indecisiveness,

parabolic trepidation
insinuating the
break of your rank
blood drunk
you've become,

your downfall whispers
within these oscillating
windmill kicks jiu-jitsu flips
backhand bitchslap fist
is my immortal gift
Épée Fencing
majestic conquering,

dragon tail whip
I wait for the drop
scissor kick balance lost
fire I breathe
astrological Cantonese
hybrid calligraphy
ancient methods of deflection
you see bow humbly,

years my physical presence
has blown with the wind
pupils still wait in the wings,

a star sinks in a sea of art,

my legacy always
igniting breathing sparks
legend I have surpassed
witness the beauty and rage
of the prodigal son of Gung-Fu.


Copyright © 2017 Whisperingquill.All Rights Reserved


  • malubotelho

    A very nice tribute. I liked Bruce very much. Very well put together your writing. Thanks

    • whisperingquill

      Thank you Malu they had a movie marathon on I got inspired

    • FredPeyer

      Even though my knowledge of the martial arts is very limited, I kind of assume you are talking about Bruce Lee. Don't understand half of your poem, but love it anyway. It is just so much fun to read it.
      You have a style all your own, imaginative with an incredible choice of words.
      Thank you!

      • whisperingquill

        Thank you Fred you should research him bro.

      • Augustus

        Beware, I have never missed a carotid or femoral artery or heart or liver with my blade, if you try to sneak up on me with that Jeet-kune-do. Lol. in all seriousness, he was remarkable and inspiring. Nicely done.

        • whisperingquill

          Yes he was brother and don't worry I'm not that limber lol.

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