War on Syria

The Difference of Two Worlds.
It's the 4th of July.
Outside I hear fireworks.
The fireworks are faint but I hear them loud & clear.
I think to myself.
“children in syria hear this everyday.”
All day and all night. They hear bombs being dropped.
They hear gun shots being fired.
They hear their neighbors houses being raided.
They witness the most horrific things no child should ever witness.
As I listen to the fireworks, I know they will go away eventually.
I know the sound of gun shots being fired will subside.
But what I won't know & probably will never know
Is when will the actual gun shots in Syria stop ?
When will the fear of living in fear stop.
When will they ever get to enjoy the quote on quote
“gun shots”
Our fireworks are their gunshots.
Our fireworks are the bombs being dropped.
Our fireworks are the screams of women, children & men
Calling out for their family members.
Our fireworks will subside while their fireworks will continue.
Our fireworks last an hour while theirs last for days.
So if you're like me, someone who hates living near the fair because of the
“Never ending” fireworks, think that children experience these
“fireworks” in different ways.
They are not colorful. They are not pretty.
Their after effects are not bright.
Their “fireworks” cause pain and suffering.
They experience the traumatic effects of their fireworks
Be grateful because our fireworks could easily become their fireworks.


  • Poetic Dan

    I done a piece called pen warriors, glad I've just found one ;).
    Fantastic ugly truth, thank you

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