When we first met, your eyes stood out to me like a portal to another you, another set. We talked, we laughed, we skyped, I loved. Staring into your intriguing, beautiful brown eyes, I knew you were my prize. I cherished your friendship, to the point where I couldn't risk losing it by revealing my feeling. I waited too late, maybe this was fate, but I never wanted to make you feel like a blank slate. After all this time, I told you how I would die for you. I know you don't love me, your soul is free, but i promise you, you will never see the love I have for thee. Even after you broke my heart, it was still glued together by the thought of a maybe. ''Maybe she loved me, maybe she did.'' But that's over now, I have to close the lid. That glue on my heart is gone, there is no more subtle lingering of a ''maybe.'' I do love you.. I always will, with every fiber of my being.

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