David De La Cruz

Five Dollars

Once upon a time there was a woman 

Who lost everything she had long ago 

She once had a family

But never a home 

She was all alone 

I saw her by the sea 

And after all that time I was there 

Not one dime did she asked of me....

Once there was a man 

With a flat tire on the side of the road 

Swearing up and down 

How could people walk on by a stranded man on the side of the hey

In the burning day or the night cold 

And I thought for a moment to myself 

Who should I help 

Who should I save 

The man for a moment 

Or the woman for a day

The feeling of not knowing what to do 

Having a man swearing or the woman who never said a word 

I said excuse me Mrs.

This five dollars is for you.....

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