Bleeding Acceptance of Desiderata Disintegration

I understand what you see
my atrium beats on the outside
I will let you scratch it stab it
rip it burn it with all of your
insecurities I can take it.

My void my universe
is the thrill of even trying
my Hades is the acceptance
a paradox if you will,

I don't have inner demons
I have divine stupidity
I have a crown of self doubt
I fly a banner of false existence
that is shredded tattered
and torn.

I am ugly I am beauty
I am a light in your darkness
I am everything you fear
I am the shadow in your dying breath
I am the death in your rising light,

I am to bad to be true
I'm too good to be seen
I am the bane of your hope
I am my own punishment
I am allowed only if I show hate
I am forbidden if i exude love.

I hate that I have to lie
I love that I can be fake
I fear being myself.

My worst truth is
that I don't care,

my best lie is that
I pretend that I do
and they believe.

Yet they remain close
so far away from I.

Where is self?

It's flying the
rara-avis birthright
of error by trial.

Of non existence by truth
Of collective harmony by lie.


Copyright © 2017 Whisperingquill.All Rights Reserved




  • burning-embers

    I love it, a smack in the face for your reader. Strong, powerful, potent reading. I hated the standpoint you made - it connected with me big time. I felt angry. Really well written provocative piece. Excellent!

  • whisperingquill

    Thank you burning it's very true
    funny how certain people change others
    And then they get mad when you don't open up no more lol. Yet they cause the change so why cant they live with it ?

    • Diamond

      I know this feeling friend.

    • FredPeyer

      The word Desiderata in your title rang a bell, a little one though, I couldn't remember. So I looked it up and voila,
      Max Ehrmann with his Desiderata poem, which in a way is the opposite of yours. Since yours talks about disintegration of Desiderata, I was wondering if this was on your mind.
      By the way, I love the line with Divine Stupidity, describes me to a T.

      • whisperingquill

        Yes Fred it is my favorite poem I tried to describe the reverse of it my friend, the dissection opposite all that thank you for the read Fred 🍻

      • Diamond

        Strong emotion went into this writing. Poet bleeds... How the world is oblivious to the pain of the Poet will always remain an undebatable question. Why? Because the emotions of the world thrive on Poetry.

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