Sunlights Mask

In the night, time feels so right 
While the norms sleep so quiet 
In the dark I feel so light, like a... 
A falling star, I wish I may I wish I might 
Hold on to darkness ever so tight, 
Such a peaceful sound, and always a sight 
Look deep into the night and see it is so bright 
Come alive as the day sun sets with its fight 
The midnight sky, moonlight, and stars a bright 
Feeelings and expressions of freedom ignite 
A contentment surrounding the entire night 
Like no feeling experienced in the daylight 
If darkness is just a mask for the sunlight 
Wearing it is no less than a mere delight 
But all too soon darkness comes to its height 
The sun begins to rise, and to the mask say goodnight


  • kevin browne

    you caught me here looking deep into your poetry beauty and I am stunned how you constructed this work. a really easy on the tongue and mind.

    • RhymeTime

      Thanks I can't seem to write fancy poems. A straight and simple rhyme always come to mind.

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