My body.

Most don't know
I got raped not long ago
The drink was strong
But it wasn't wrong

Advantage was taken
I can't recall
The pain that came
He was to blame

Tears rushing down my face
Friction in a place
Resembles but no blood
A tampon upon a faint period

Disgusted with my body
Violated and broken
I want to be strong
And try to move on

Messages to prove his guilt
His lies were built
Looking over my shoulder
I can not get over

Saying it's my fault
I shouldn't have gone out
A predator was about
Now I'm at a hault

This time you're lucky
My kindness set you free
So this is my plea

To those high up
You call the shots
What evidence do you need
Girls remember cctv

Witnesses to show
It should never been possible
They twist and turn
Yet they need to learn

We go out with friends
We drink and dance
Doesn't mean you get a chance

Intoxicated is not a yes
When we're a mess
A no sober
Is a no drunk

Verdict not guilty
Yet action will be taken
This is the military
My body has been shaken.


  • Candlewitch


    your poem speaks loudly! NO means NO!!! he is a cowardly beast. and it was his fault...he made the choice to defile you and by doing so, he has defiled himself!!!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Joel-Lilian

      Strong word's and i agree, he is a beast! Thank you.

    • Tony36

      Well written and expressed

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