Out Of The Hollow


Tied up tongues
Untouched lungs
Mischevious Idle thumbs
Natural ignorance
Materialistic fantasies
Sexual release in 3D
Decorated in ink
Without meaning
Celebrate in sync
Without victory
Over anything
Everything within reach
Something always missing
How many kisses
For contextual sealing
The feels apparently for hitting
The glue for sniffing
Never sticking
The missing peices
Fingers clicking
After wrongfully receiving
A poison she forgot ordering
Keep on drinking
Till we're drowning
Never reaching
The dizzy heights of reality

Empty sentiments
& Manufactored sorrow
Shallow compliments
& reverberant swallows

Unfiltered nonchalance
Built on Vacant common sense
Tasteless words
Are hard to swallow
Ghostly ships
Are hard to follow

Out of the hollow.


  • MissileOfUncertainty

    Wow! THIS. This is absolutely amazing! The flow is so... Raw. And I it keeps pulling me forward with it. Actually- it reminds me of the song Californiacation for some reason or another. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicholas Browning

    The last lines give me an image of ghost ships out in an ancient graveyard. (possibly around the 1400s) In the middle of a dense forest. Gotta say, cool stuff.

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