Emil Cerda


"In such a situation is the Sun,
That he doesn't seek to give light by day;
He wants to be like the Moon: a bluff;
He is no longer in a park giving light.

"Would they not meet by day?
The Sun is bigger than the Moon, it doesn't spin.
That is why the Moon shines fiercely,
She no longer wants to get married warmly.

"Maybe they aren't the one to the other,
But is it coincidence to pull both... and thread?
It isn't foolish love between them and a sharp edge.

"Twenty-four hours in a forest, alone.
I prefer winter now, and today
I have heard the sound of summer,

"Telling me: The Sun is no longer hot".


  • Nicholas Browning

    Freaky stuff. Props for the title.

    • Emil Cerda

      It is a sonnet, it has two quartets and two triplets. But, I ended up with a free verse. It's the first one I do. Bro' i want to know that means: Props. Thank You.

      • Nicholas Browning

        Props: credit.
        "I give you credit for the title."

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      • Tony36

        Great write

        • Emil Cerda

          Thank you for you type. Blessings.

          • Tony36


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