One Hundred Miles In Fifteen Feet

M. Mohon

Talking with you now and everything seems stagnant.

The words all just seem empty and without reason.

Just something to fill the air so the awkwardness isn't noticed.

And the eyes darting to and fro like a game of tennis.


The energy in this room would make you think this place is haunted.

Cold shivers make you wriggle in your seat.

And I want so much to hold you and tell you that I love you,

But I can't go a hundred miles in fifteen feet.



I know we both are trying to just be ourselves and act natural.

And you've heard everything I'll say before I speak.

It doesn't stop me from my wanting to be right here beside you,

But your a hundred miles away in fifteen feet.



You get up from the couch and say you have to leave now.

We hug and then you gently kiss my cheek.

Walking out the doorway, you sweetly say I love you,

I thought I traveled a hundred miles in fifteen feet.


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  • Nicholas Browning

    This hits hard man. Holy crap. I feel it, like a brick just struck my head. It's lovely work, and I'm sure everything will work out in the end. If you love each other truly, it's hard to let it go. Bravo.

  • FredPeyer

    M. this is one of the sweetest poems I have read. The last stanza just floored me. It was totally unexpected. Thank you for a great write!

  • burning-embers

    I really like this very much. I like your repeated line and the novelty of the meaning of that line. I strongly suggest you think about making a song out of this idea i think the 'buy line' or 'hook' is very strong indeed. If you're not musical then find a musician you can trust and work with them. +favs

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