Its Raskolnikov

Last Time

Sometimes I remember what has happened,
And I know I have lost it all,
I know it will never happen again,
I sit in sorrow and know I have killed another dream,
Cause for the last time you have held my hand,
For the last time we have laughed,
For the last time we have cried,
For the last time we have loved,
Then I move on,
Or so I think,
I go on and walk,
But we don't talk,
I remember when we did,
And I remember the last time,
I used to dream big,
It was my acclaimed distance that kept me from reality,
I'd rather be deluded with illusion,
Than to fight this calamity,
The thing you call actuality,
It tears away at me,
But I remember the last dream like a finale,
I felt the hope for the last time,

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