You’re Beautiful but blind

You're beautiful and kind

Though you are a little blind

You curse and give grief

When I show you belief


You're high on that pedestal

I did not put you there

You've belonged all your life

You'd make that perfect wife!


You know me too well

It's scary you see

You know when to talk

Or just let me be


Your logical mind is frustrating at times

With questions and answers I don't know inside

the banter and jokes have been lost for a while


It's harder now

Unlike before

We're not like that anymore

The couple that laughed

The ones always joking


We have baggage and battles

That ruin the fun

We're afraid to be sad

We try not to cry


I rant and I rave

With work and you say

It's OK, it's alright just a struggle today

You run me a bath

To relax my mind

You'll feel better you say

As you walk away


I love you now as I did before

The women who's older and knows a lot more

It's an honour you see

You chose a person like me!


  • Candlewitch


    this is a beautiful tribute! much enjoyed!

    *hugs, Cat

  • Adri

    I love how relationships can evolve and grow, your poem recognizes that acceptance of change. It is a beautiful poem, I hope you showed your wife or significant other! 🦋

    • Joel-Lilian

      Thank you very much, yes I showed her eventually. It means just as much to her as it does to me.

    • Its Raskolnikov

      I love this poem, it is wonderful! Love is tough but that doesn't mean you should give up and you recognize that. Respect, keep it up.

      • Joel-Lilian

        Thank you very much.

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