Emil Cerda

Everything is gone

"Let's get comfortable, and buy popcorn. We will see the usual movie:

"A man goes to the movies to watch a movie, and before he gets into the row, a trailer hits him, didn't he see the Trailer?

"It's titled: «If you seek love, you will not find it; If you stop looking for him, he will do it».

"Love is beautiful, in various ways; makes your brain go on vacation to Cambodia, and let your appendix work; rather, you become blind, stupid, fool and slow.

"If you loved, well for you; If you haven't loved, bad for you. When we love, we break many bad habits in us, tell me, that I had to fight with Cupid so that his mother's good son would not shoot me.

"Knot: They looked at each other, the pheromones were dressed in butterflies; genuine smiles... Haven't you seen "Lie to me"?

"Outcome or conclusion (well, that depends on how you want to pronounce it): To be continue. You know why? Because he that loveth is immortal; without him you can not live. Tell Hate that made a deal to be good for a day and, do you know how he reacted?

"«Don't love me»".

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