•Attention to all
Do not text do not call
It's not like you'd reply Anyways

For I have had a change of heart
Where I've realized from the start
You never cared any of those Days

•You'd never text back
You'd leave me on read
You'd leave me wondering Why

But the truth was always there
I just didn't care
To see that you were not a nice Guy

•Now you said we were friends
Best friends to be exact
I was one of your only Too

But the joke was on me
I was never your friend
That was just another lie from You

•You played me well
Time after time
I had fallen under your Spell

But now I can see
My curse has been lifted
You could even say I'm doing Well

•I used to like you
Like you a lot
I was even prepared to Wait

But you let me down
You put me in the ground
And now all I feel is Hate

•So how do you feel
Knowing you made me this way
Knowing this is all your Fault

For you were afraid to care
To tell me your feelings
And now my heart is locked in a Vault


  • Lost in Murphy

    Delete the numbers delete the texts delete them from your life.
    Well spoken

  • Candlewitch

    hello and welcome,

    a sad story to be sure!

    *hugs, Cat

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