Paw prints in my life

Paw prints in my life
If only a short while
It lasted for 2 nearly 3 years
And you made me smile
Every day
Until that fateful day took
You away,

I miss your presence
The biting of my feet
The constant kisses
The kitten you still
Believed to be,

Hearing about how you
greet the neighbours
Running through there house
With that face even they couldn't
Be angry,

You didn't care ,
Fudge you were such a character
Left a hole in heart ,

When I think about

Whoever hit you with there car,
They left you there
4 hours or more
Till an onlooker saw you on the floor,
It makes me so angry you didn't
Deserve to die that way

Whoever did it will never pay

I ll cut out the bad.

Always remembering the good. 

Like in a way you didn't judge me when
I cry and you would nudge me for
A hug.

We all miss you and each day it
Gets easier
It still makes me believe your still here

I grieve for you not just as a pet
But a love of my life I will never forget.


  • Martina Lynch

    There is a wonderful connection between humans and their pets and it is devasting when they go or are taken before their time! I love my Dog and my cat and the dog I had prior to the one I have now... was truly my best friend!

  • onepauly

    I loved my cats, though their passing
    away really hurt. it took me years to get over it. I was very sad for a long long time. i'll never get another cat because I cant go through that again. remember that it goes away in time. its not easy. takes time.



  • Candlewitch

    awww... beautiful poem. it brought tears... I have five cats. it was six, but we lost our beautiful Himalayan to cancer. our cats aren't just pets, they are our children, as you of all people know. I am so very sorry for your loss!

    *hugs, Cat

  • orchidee

    Sensitive write Clairie. It happened to a neighbour of ours, the same-coloured cat too. Some folk dash out to get a 'replacement' pet quickly; some may wait a while; some may not replace at all.
    I suppose they missed the cat, but they didn't seem too fussed about it. Their other cat almost lived with us about 10 years. He sadly became too poorly recently.

  • burning-embers

    Aww i feel for you. Animals which associate with give us so much don't they, enrich our lives. I always talk to animals i meet, even scaredy cats who must see me as the big bad nasty or something. A fitting, loving tribute to your lost friend.

  • Clairie840

    Aw thanks I do miss him So much , we had an unbelievable bond in the short time he was here, I have 2 other cats that miss him too but after this experience I don't think I'll be having another pet as it's heartbreaking xx

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