The Closet

Hiding in the closet,

Blood pooling at my feet,

I hear the screams,

But in fear, not a sound,

Not a single breath.


Hands are shaking,

Tears flowing out, with sadness,

Scars, bruises, cuts all over,

As the memories are blurred,

He's coming, I wont survive. 


No happiness was ever seen,

Only hate and anguish,

Numbing emotions, pain,

Why am I not dead,

Where's my escape.


Again with the beatings,

Again with the touching,

Again with the words,

It never stopped,

He's angry again. 


As I hide in this closet,

I feel no pain,

I feel nothing,

But the blood at my feet,

Is slowly becoming who I am. 




  • Candlewitch

    dear Domi,

    I also read your author's note... I am so glad that this is in the past for you! I can relate to it because a long time ago I lived with a man who beat me. he broke my jaw and several other bones. it took true courage to get away from him. I left him taking only the clothes on my back. I wish you all the best.

    *hugs, Cat

    • Domi

      For me it was a parent. It was hard to go through and I never truly escaped it. A fortunate event (for me of course) happened, my mom left him (not for the reason of her knowing, she didnt find out until years after this) and kicked him out of the house. So, it stopped because of that. I just take things day by day.
      Im glad you were able to escape tho!
      Much love, Domi

      • Candlewitch

        earlier in life (teenhood) I had an abusive mother...she beat me with the buckle end of the belt. this shouldn't happen to anyone. children should be cherished or not be brought into this world.

        *hugs, Cat

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      • JaneEVE

        Very emotional write- agree pleased it has passed for you- thank you for read Domi.

        • Domi

          Thank you for the comment. It was numbing to write to be honest.

          • JaneEVE

            I bet - brave you :)

          • onepauly

            time is a good healer.

            • Domi

              Indeed it is.

              • onepauly

                thanks take good care of yourself.

              • phantom bride

                great piece

                • Domi

                  thank you :)

                • burning-embers

                  Nice work. Please have a glimpse of my poem 'Breaking the chain' published couple of days ago.

                  • Domi

                    I read your poem, its very similar to how I feel about my daughter growing up. :)

                    • burning-embers

                      In reality it's a minefield isn't.

                    • FredPeyer

                      Domi, I can read the pain and anguish between the lines. You write so well!
                      I am glad that all this abuse is behind you. Yes, the scars will remain, but hopefully even those will hopefully heal over time. No child should have to go through what you went through. I admire your strength and resolve.

                      • Domi

                        Thank you for the compliment on my writing, means a lot to me.
                        And honestly over time i just gathered the strength to just numb those feelings over time to now.
                        Its only know that I am able to express these feelings through my writing because holding it in got to be too much for me.

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