Tris Eaton

Let me ask for help

You don't need a therapist
What do you mean?
You NEED a therapist?
Everything you have seen?
I've seen more than you can believe

Oh really?
I don't need a therapist?
The person who doesn't ask for help
Is asking and you blow them off
The person who lives in fear

The fear they'll lose control
They don't tell
For fear of the look
A parent will have when they hear
Their own child...

When they hear what their child has done
What their child thinks about
Why their child sobs some nights
For the fear
That they'll do something..

Because they did something
They want to do again
The urge to slice their skin
The longing to be in pain
Just to forget about everything else

The wanting to die
The fear of actually doing it
Thinking about how they could wherever they go
Thinking about death
And how easy it is to find

I made a promise
And the promise I will try to keep
To never hurt myself again
But that is so. so. hard.
And I want help

So please listen to me
Trust that I know what I need
Because I don't want to explain
I just want help
To make these thoughts go away


  • Candlewitch

    what idiotic moron told you that you don't need a therapist??? from reading this poem, I can tell that you are deeply troubled and NEED HELP!!! when I was much younger I used to "cut" I wrote a poem about it and posted on mps. the title is: circle game, if you want to look it up. I wish you all the best, excellent poem!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Tris Eaton

      The person that said that actually apologized to me for saying it, but it didn't make me feel better to say the least. Thank you for the suggestion though. I'll try to find that

      • Candlewitch

        dear Tris,

        people just don't know the damage they do to us with their careless words!

        *hugs, Cat

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