myself and me

Black Coffee

The light is dim,

The music is soft,

The smell is intoxicated.

A cup of black coffee,

No sugar, no milk.


The gaze is affectionate,

The kiss is gentle,

The smile is sweet.

The love, 

Like this cup of black coffee,

Bitter, but warm.


  • Christina S

    I can't relate on love tasting bitter but I do enjoy coffee quite a bit. A very good poem you have here! Well done!

  • burning-embers

    Nice twist

  • Lawless

    I drink much smoother coffee, I don't enjoy the bitterness. Nice analogy, at least it's warm. I never did care for cold coffee.

  • Santita

    Very good twist!

  • Diamond

    very well written. Nice irony in the end.

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