4 years and counting


i went and told my mummy

i can already count to four

but i know Penny counts much higher

i want to count some more


sat beneath a kitchen chair

practiced five, six, seven and eight

mummy's pleased i'm growing up

even got my very own plate


nine and ten, then it's back again

to a funny one called e-lev-ven

ch-welve is good, thirteen is bad

but i keep forgetting seven


fifteen onto two-wenty

forty one, forty two, forty three

i'm looking forward to showing off

sitting on daddy's knee


seventy, eighty, ninety nine

wait till Penny comes home

mummy says i can tell aunt Mollie

tonite on the telephone


Penny she's my sister

she's home from school at four

now i can play her counting games

not feel left out anymore






  • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

    And I thought you were an ol coot. This is precious to say the very least. This mist be a grandchild? Either way I love it

  • burning-embers

    This is based upon one of my earliest memories of my mother. I nagged her into teaching me to count up to 100 when i was 4 yrs old..... we're slow developers in UK u know.

    • niallprideaux

      from experience, I completely agree, my school didn't help either. loved reading this, made me feel nostalgic about nursery and primary school :D

      • burning-embers

        We don't start school till we're 5 yrs old in UK. No idea where u got the idea this was about school

      • kevin browne

        you're a bright lass, I know because your British just like me. love this infant style of writing. it's beautiful.

        • burning-embers

          Haven't had a sex change op yet kevin. yep still male M8. LOL Thanks for encouragement.

          • kevin browne

            okay, I get it, you're a lad, not a lass. a big difference I must say and I do apologise. I will make amends in the immediate future.

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          • Martina Lynch

            Charming piece...really lovely!

            • burning-embers

              Thank you Martina ...i'm just a big kid really.

              • Martina Lynch

                And that's wonderful!

              • Michael Edwards

                Not easy to write like a child but you've pulled it off here. Reminds me of a quote by Picasso: I learnt to draw quickly but it took me a lifetime to learn to draw like a child.

                • burning-embers

                  Thanks ..... its probably senility setting in

                • Kat

                  Loved it!

                  • burning-embers

                    thank you Kat.

                    • Kat

                      Your welcome embers!

                    • malubotelho

                      Just love it. Very cute and sweet. I wish I could see a picture from you when you were at 4 years age. I have an almost 3 years old granddaughter and she is too cute counting, singing and dancing. She is my joy. Thanks for this precious.

                      • burning-embers

                        He he he they didnt have cameras when i was four. Writing for kids, or as a kid would, is such good fun. In the back of my mind i've a plan to do much more. Thank you for enjoying and telling me about it.

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Good fun write. Of course the test now is "How many beans make five?"

                        • burning-embers

                          Hmm health food. Are you trying to put me on a diet. Thanks friend.

                        • Renzi

                          Awh this is just cute as a button. Early memories? Precious:)

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