Dear family

Dear family well are we a family cause the last time I checked were all screwed up.


My friends at school asked so how's your family I say good but in my head I'm like I wish that was true.


Maybe your confused maybe you think nah Thu girl is making this up well let me tell you with my mom and dad my dad left my mom when she was at work he took her money and left with some girl name Jessica.


My grandpa told me and he said are you ok. I said yeah with a smile on my face but if you know me well you would know I was faking that I'm not ok I'm confused I'm hurt and don't you dare tell me it will be ok cause thats just the beginning.


My cousins well I don't know hafe of them I bet you can relate. I have this one cousin she was my favorite cousin when I was younger but as she got older I guess we grew apart she's 20 I'm 13 she now smokes I do see her often but it's not like it was she dosen't talk to me she just smiles I guess that's what happens when you get older.


We than have my grandma she makes things even more worse asks me to do things she yells on the top of her lungs i guess she dosen't get our life is already hard enough.

We go to the beach cause we live in Hawaii which is pretty fun buts its not when i hear My grandpa and grandma laughing at someone who is fat and talking about them for wearing a bikini I'm I wanted to defend them but I'm a pussy I'm way to scared maybe one day I can say all of this.


My grandpa is most definitely I Donald trump supporter yeah I have no problems against that my only problem is he picks on people for being gay and so does my grandma I'm like their is nothing wrong with people being gay just like theirs not wrong with black people I hate to put politics in a poem about my dear family.


All I have is a brother and I guess sister I'm the oldest so If they see me cry their gonna a cry I'm the oldest so I have to be strong.


You people wanna judge my family go write on ahead cause u ain't gonna knock my down if I can survive against my family to best believe I vs survive against anything send me to the Bermuda triangle to best believe im making it out alive. 


I know they say love your family cherish the moments all the moments i remember are bad I know there are some good but, my dear family is a mess.


Now lets predict the future real quick the comments are probably going to as good write but this I not just a write this is my every day life.

DO NOT TELL me it's GOING to get BETTER cause I know Damn sure it's going to get worse.


You may ask yourself what do I comment the be s thing to do is to stay damn silent cause I am sick of my family but I guess I gotta live with them so I guess I'll be ok.


What I am learning while I'm growing up is my family is not just screwed up were fucked up except me cause I don't judge my only problem is I stay quiet.



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