Worldly Muse


What is it that inspires us

To love ~ to write ~ to sing ~ to play

To keep us going through each weary day ?

Is it the one who sets our hearts aflame ?

Or maybe the one who causes so much pain ?


Is it the butterfly nestling on the flower

That gives our inspiration fire and power

Maybe it's the song that's singing in your soul

Or the old nostalgic song ~ that makes you lose control ?


What about the trees ~ the wind ~ the rain

Those things that some folks never see

Or a goal to climb a Hill in Spain

Or just with thee ~ to share a cup of tea

Child's playfulness in all it's giggling glee

Surrender to your muse and you will see !


Driving through the desert ~ or on high

Where your sacred soul truly resides

Empty every moment of your life

Let it take you on exciting rides

Inspire ~ transport you into who you want to be

Find yourself ~ be yourself ~ be free !


My muse is the Earth ~ the Moon ~ the Whole

I know it don't take much ~ to inspire my sacred SOUL !





  • burning-embers

    I'll tell you what inspires me. The utter and complete boredom of not doing it! And so you get on and do it. Do that often enough and u will have found yourself. All to often those trying to find themselves have nothing to find because they never do anything - other than smoking a herb that is.

    • Adri

      Very true!!! 😜

    • Adri

      Thank you Antonio!!! Yes, don't live your life in the past, live life now!!! Take care!🦋

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