Alex Arnot

God of Chaos

And so I send my gift to you

The remains of what once was lay strewn

Broken, fractured, crippled towers

More than ever, I'm drunk with power.

Remember when this all was something?

Yet here it is reduced to nothing!

Oh it was a sight to see!

A cataclysm brought by me!

You wonder how this came to pass

To something that you hoped would last

My secrets that I'll tell you never

A question that you'll keep forever.


  • Hood


    now this is the poetry I can read all day. No specific detail leaving the reader to create their own image & meaning.

    Obviously you have a specific theme & idea in mind whereas the readers will come up with hundreds of alternatives.

    So provocative in style & delivery.

    Clever & exquisite!

    Top notch piece of writing. I'm off to bed here in UK but I shall ponder on this piece as I enter slumberland so thank you for that.


  • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

    Good stuff, makes the reader think. I love poetry that makes me think. So what were you thinking?

    • Alex Arnot

      For me this is actually a metaphor for lost friendships. It's a personification of the longing for answers and the wonder of why it went awry.

      • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

        I see, well thank you for the info. You are one hell of a poet

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      • burning-embers

        Hee hee hee, i think someone just said 'much ado about nothing'.

        • Alex Arnot

          Afraid this one went over my head as I haven't read "Much Ado About Nothing" but thanks for the comment!

          • burning-embers

            nor me but u understand the phrase i should think
            and the previous comment was the one who said it

          • James Michael Schwab

            I feel the power in this one. "Remember when this all was something?". The horrid past should be put in an envelope and burned, I say.

          • Psentinel

            Your imagery is always great.

            Always like a double tap on the nose and a knowing nod from a wise wizard or something - thats how this one ends for me. I dont know what it means, but it makes me want to know, and its fun!

            Keep on practicing man, this kind of content is awesome.

            • Alex Arnot

              Thank you! If you want to know how I interpret it, I actually left a reply to a previous comment where I explained the meaning :)

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