Until She Graces My Mirror Again

Sitting still in the background,
Sitting quietly while observing,
A reflection of stunning beauty,
The image of my total adoration.

An aura of seduction surrounds her,
A welcomed sight in any mirror,
As I sit here lost in a euphoric trance,
Watching her, I can't help but stare.

She is the object of my desire,
Who undoubtedly stands above,
No one can touch or reach,
The level she has with my heart.

I sit and I happily enjoy the view,
My eyes drunk with the beauty of you,
from any angle or side I'm amazed,
From any position still a dream to me.

Until she disappears from my mirror,
I take in as much as I can get,
When she's away my world is grey,
Until she graces my mirror again.


  • onepauly

    how much does that mirror cost i'll buy it, if I can afford it.

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